Projects & special cargo

Projects & special cargo

Our special cargo and projects department has broad experience with all kinds of unusual goods. Contact us about your special freight and let us find the right solution for you, no matter what type of cargo you have.


‘Breakbulk’ services are for cargo that is too large or too heavy to load into a container. This kind of cargo is loaded and secured on a platform made of flat containers (or flatbeds). This shipping method always requires a unique, specific approach, because no two breakbulk shipments are the same.

Conventional cargo

'Conventional' cargo transport means that the goods (pallets, cases, barrels, bales, tubes, bulk, etc.) are loaded onto the vessel and secured without being loaded in to a container. Cargo that is too big for containers, such as machines, cranes and generators, can also be shipped this way.

Roll on/roll off

A roll on/roll off (Ro/Ro) vessel, usually has the capacity to load and unload both through the bow and through the stern. These vessels are used mostly to transport all kinds of rolling materials, such as cars or trucks. Other types of cargo can also be shipped with a Ro/Ro vessel, from big cases to aluminium plates and coils. The goods are loaded onto a so-called Mafi, a special wheeled loading platform, and then driven onto the vessel. The Mafi's stay on the ship with the cargo, so the cargo can be discharged easily at destination. We have years of experience with Ro/Ro cargo, so let us help you get your shipment rolling!

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